Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pillow case tutorial. and my pillow case's

This is a tutorial of how to make a pillow case.

27 inch piece. 

9 inch and 2 inch piece.

iron 2 inch piece in half.

put 9 inch with wrong side down then put 27 inch on top wrong side down then ironed 2 inch on top with all raw edges together.


Roll the 27 inch piece up.

Until it not quite hits the 2 inch piece.

Fold 9 inch piece over.

And repin.

Sew and take pins out while sewing.

Keep sewing until the end.

I forgot to take pictures of me pulling the middle out.....sorry anyway put right sides together and sew along the side...

And bottom turn in side out and........

TADA!!!!!!! you got ur self a pillow case.

If you like it post a comment or don't it doesn't really matter..


  1. You do know that this is a copy-righted pillow-case tutorial from Fons & Porters, right?

    1. I don't Copy-Right.. sorry if you think so though... but its not.

  2. Thanks, I want to make some new pillow cases for my bed and this is sew awesome!

  3. thanks, my two granddaughters will love some character pillowcases



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