Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yarn, needles, knitting bags.... and whatever i need to get the job done.

Ok so i wan't to buy some knitting stuff, like needles, yarn.. and so on. these are the things i am going to buy tonight. stitch holders,Sewing needles and bamboo double pointed size 3 needles. thats what i'm planning on at least. i get all my accessories from and i get my yarn from  go there and you will find what ever yarn/bags/anything you need for knitting or crocheting.  there are also some stuff you can get from is a place to get a TON of knitting/crocheting patterns and when i say a TON i mean a TON. my account on ravelry is lydiaedoak1213. look me up. i have some patterns of my own... well only 1 but still. but before you look me up you have to make a account. well off to knit..and knit..and maybe knit some more the point is i'm going to knit........ i'm gonna to stop talking now.


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