Wednesday, August 17, 2011

home made crayons idea from... .

this blog creation corner. its an amazing site go check it out....NOW!!!!!!  here is the home made crayons..thing

Kid Crayon Valentine's

For Valentine's Day this year I thought it would be fun for my boys to make homemade Crayons to give to their friends.  I got the idea from my sister who recently made them and she got it from here.  It sounded fun.
 First you take crayons and peel off the paper and then break them into pieces.  This can take a little while.
Put a pile of the broken crayons into a muffin pan.  I used a mini muffin pan but you could really use any size.  I really wanted to find a heart muffin pan, but for some reason none of my stores carried one.  I liked mixing a lot of colors together.  They seems to turn out better then when I only used one or two colors.
Stick the filled muffin tin into a 275 degree preheated oven for 10-12 minutes.  Then take them out and let them cool on the counter for a few minutes and finally stick the into the refridgertor for 10 minutes.  Once they are completely cool turn the muffin tin over and they will pop out.
 When you pop them out they will look something like this!  So fun.

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