Monday, November 21, 2011

Check this out.! scarf out of a shirt.

Click here to see a picture of finished product and pattern.  Raid your husband's side of the closet,
grab that bag destined for Goodwill,
sift through the box marked "Too Small" in your closet
(let's face it, after two kids and more birthday cake than you'd like to admit, they will never fit again)
You're about to turn a t-shirt that is too small,
too old,
too stained,
or just too darn ugly,
into something fantastic.
Something that will fit no matter how many chocolate chip cookies you ate for breakfast.

What you need:
adult t-shirt at least size M with 8-10 inches of solid below any images
matching thread

I discovered this little gem in a bag of kids clothing that was Freecycled to me.Adult Size M.
Why anyone ever got rid of it, I will never understand.
Thankfully, when my project is complete, there will be one less Liger shirt in the world.
You're welcome.

Measure out 8-10 inches below the image on your t-shirt and cut.
If you'd like to get fancy and use a rotary cutting and mat, be my guest, but it is not necessary.
Cut off the bottom seam of the shirt as well.
It's just ugly.
You should have a big long tube.
Cut it in half so that you have two long tubes.
Open them both up and cut one side of the each tube so that you have two long skinny pieces of t-shirt.
Now put the two strips right sides together and sew the short ends on ONE side together to make one very long strip of fabric. 
Before we move on to the 5 minutes of sewing that this project requires, let me tell you a thing or two about knit fabrics.
Raw edges are okay because knit doesn't fray.
Knit ruffles VERY easily.
So, we won't be creating hems or pulling on a basting stitch.

Instead we will be messing with the stitch length and tension on your machine.
Every sewing machine is different, so you may want to practice on some scrap knit
(cut off the t-shirt sleeves or something).
On my machine, I changed the tension to 9 and made the stitch length as long as possible.
But yours may be different.
You'll know you have the right settings when your knit fabric goes in flat on one side of your needle and comes out ruffled on the other.
Like so:Once you have adjusted your machine settings, you want to take that long strip of fabric and fold the end in thirds.Place a pin where each third is divided.Begin sewing where the pin was placed to divide into thirds.
Sew all the way down the long strip, ruffling all the way.Starting at the other pin, stitch all the way down the strip of fabric.We want the scarf to be extra ruffly so that when we take the basting stitch out at the end, the ruffle will remain. So, using the basting stitch, stitch over both seams that you just made.
Extra ruffles.

Now you need to adjust all of your settings back to normal.
Make sure you change the tension AND the stitch length.
With a regular stitch, go back over the basting stitches that you sewed.You only need to do this once on each side.
Remove the basting stitches with a seam ripper.

And you're done!
What once was an awful castaway is now a ruffle scarf perfect for pairing with your favorite coat!***Reminder: All proceeds from pattern orders in the shop this week will be donated to Haiti Relief!***

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